subordinate, subordinated, subordination
Debts or claims that have a lower status or priority than other debts or claims are subordinate. For example, creditor A may agree in a subordination agreement to have its claims on the cash flow or on the assets of a borrower lower in priority than ( i.e., subordinate to) the claims to that cash flow or collateral by creditor B. In finance and accounting, the term also refers to debts that include provisions making them subordinate to other liabilities. For example, a bond issue may, by contractual agreement, be subordinate to all other bonds issued by a company. American Banker Glossary

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I. subordinate sub‧or‧di‧nate 1 [səˈbɔːdnət ǁ -ˈbɔːr-] adjective
less important or powerful than something or someone:

• a subordinate role on the committee

subordinate to

• a commission that is subordinate to the Security Council

  [m0] II. subordinate subordinate 2 noun [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES JOBS
someone who has a lower position and less authority than someone else in an organization:

• Supervisors are regularly evaluated by their subordinates.

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subordinate UK US /səˈbɔːdənət/ adjective
WORKPLACE having less power or a lower position than someone else in a company or an organization: subordinate to sb »

The condition of motherhood often makes women subordinate to men in the workplace.

a subordinate employee/position/role »

Before reaching the level of head chef, there was the hard work and subordinate positions in kitchens.


Women are in the minority in the office and are of subordinate status to most of their male colleagues.

less important than something else: »

Primary legislation can be amended; subordinate legislation cannot.

subordinate to sth »

The institute will make the acquired debt subordinate to any new bank lending.

[before noun] FINANCE SUBORDINATED(Cf. ↑subordinated)
subordinate UK US /səˈbɔːdənət/ noun [C]
WORKPLACE a person who has a less important position than you in a company or an organization: »

Senior managers had to convince their colleagues and subordinates of the value of this approach.

subordinate UK US /səˈbɔːdɪneɪt/ verb [T]
to put someone or something into a less important position: »

Management found itself subordinated to the markets.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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